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Drivers Permit Test Online  

Unlicensed drivers under the age of 18 now have the option of taking their Driver's Permit Test via the Internet. The flexibility and convenience of this online option means you can skip the congestion, long lines, and waiting at your local DHSMV office. Instead, you'll be able to relax and pass the test from the comfort of your own home.

By DHSMV regulation, a parent must be present during the testing session. Before you access the test, your parent will be asked to provide certain identifying information and to certify statements that attest that they've monitored your test session.

The driver's permit test (Class E Knowledge Test) is comprised of two sections:

  • Road Rules exam
  • Road Signs exam

Each exam consists of 20 questions (for a total of 40 questions for the entire Class E Knowledge Test). You are allowed 50 seconds to respond to each question. If you do not respond to a test question within the time limit, no answer (a "blank") is submitted for that question when your test is graded.

Similarly, you will have 50 seconds to respond to personal identity validation questions that will be asked periodically through the test. If you answer a personal identity validation question incorrectly, you will be asked a different question. A second incorrect answer will result in the termination of the testing session (i.e., a "failure" of the test).

You must correctly answer at least 15 (75%) of the 20 driving questions in order to pass each exam.

The two exams are scored independently of each other, and you have three opportunities to pass each exam in the online format. If you fail your first or second attempt at an exam, you may attempt the exam again, but will be required to pay a DHSMV-assessed retesting fee of $10 for second and third attempts. If you fail your third attempt at an online exam, you will have to go to your local DHSMV or tax collector office where you must take a paper-based version of the exam; the online testing option will no longer be available to you.

Your test scores are electronically reported to the DHSMV and, like your TLSAE completion, will be available to DHSMV staff when you go to your local office to get your permit.

The cost of this course if $24.95.

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